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How to Add Quick & Easy Color to Your Home During Winter

Some of you might remember these raspberry-colored orchids in my front foyer. (I posted a picture last week.) I was craving some spring color. To be honest, though, the arrangement had been planned for a while. What better way of adding color than with brightly colored flowers? That's not the only way, though. If you're craving a little color in your home this long winter, read on for five easy ways to do that.

1) Faux Flowers

Faux flowers can be the ticket to long-lasting color! A while back, I asked a floral designer I know to create a sizeable faux arrangement for a client's foyer. This time around, I approached her about creating an orchid arrangement using a blue container I had already. I love how it turned out! Bright color and elegance combine with a bit of whimsy by pairing the pale blue with the bright raspberry. Even better, the life-like faux flowers don't have a limited lifespan! They will live on and on, making them an excellent investment.

2) Real flowers

Real flowers can add instant color if you want some color, don't mind spending a bit of money, and like to change things up. My favorite places to buy flowers in the Triangle area are Trader Joe's (I just wish they'd cut back on all the plastic wrapping), Whole Foods, and even Costco. Of course, the best place is my local farmer's market when flowers are in season - plus, it supports a local farmer. A quick design tip is to use an unexpected container. I might use something like a teapot or tin can in the kitchen. I'd probably go for something a bit more formal in the living room, like antique pottery or a pretty crystal bowl. But, really, you can use anything that holds water!

3) Potted Plants

If you've been inside a grocery store recently, you've likely noticed the potted hyacinths and daffodils for sale. Potted plants and flowers are a lovely way to add color. It's also an excellent way to add natural fragrance if you choose a scented flower. You can transform a room by adding even a small plant (faux or live).

4) Throw Pillows

Use colorful throw pillows to add some color in the winter. Select a color already in the room for a more cohesive, professionally designed look, like drapery or a rug. By the way, a throw blanket is another good way to add color.

5) Rugs

Lastly, swap out smaller area rugs for a spot of color, like in the kitchen or entries. It's an easy way to introduce color seasonally!

I hope you've enjoyed these quick and easy tips for adding color to your home! By February, I feel like winter is dragging on, and I yearn for additional color in my home. However, that gorgeous raspberry-colored orchid arrangement isn't going anywhere once winter is over! It's staying right there!


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