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How to Create Timeless Design in Your Home

Photo: @saracoffinphoto

Timeless interior design can endure for decades and decades. That means that it still feels current years after it was first installed. Timeless interior designs are typically not trendy fads. Instead, they incorporate elements that are considered classic that have lasted for decades, if not hundreds of years. So how do you create a timeless design?

You can start by working with an experienced interior designer who can help you achieve a timeless look in your home. However, let me share five tips for you to consider.

1) Natural materials

Natural materials typically age well because they've long been an inherent part of interior design. Elements like wood, marble, or stone are timeless. Incorporating them with manufactured materials like quartz or laminate can ensure a look that will endure through the years.

2) Use timeless architectural details

Adding architectural details such as millwork can create a classic and elegant look. Moldings like crown molding, baseboards, wainscotting, and other millwork can enhance a room's appearance so that its design lasts for decades. Many classic patterns have been around for hundreds of years; for example, herringbone, Greek key, and checkerboard, to name a few.

3) Neutral colors

Color is fun, but some colors come in and out of style. (I'm thinking of avocado-green appliances from the 1970s!) If you want to ensure a timeless look, stick to colors that are neutral or can act like neutrals (for example, black, navy blue, and grey can be neutrals in certain instances.) If you want to use color, use it on elements like pillows and accessories that can be switched out - without spending a fortune - if the color ages out.

4) Blend timeless with trends

Blending timeless pieces like antiques with trendy elements like contemporary accents allows you to create a timeless room while incorporating more modern pieces.

5) Be careful with pattern

Have you ever seen a wallpaper and thought: "Geez, my family's house in the 1970s!"? Some designs are considered classics and work as well today as they did 50 or 100 years ago. Alas, others do not. I suggest working with an interior designer to help you select a classic wallpaper pattern.

If you need assistance with your home, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to work with you on creating a timeless interior design that you can enjoy for years.


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