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Be Confident in Your Design Selections. Embrace What You Love

When you are designing or redesigning your home, it's vital to have confidence in your interior design selections. This will help you create a home that reflects your personality and preferences. Most people know better than anyone what they like and dislike, so if that's you, let your taste guide your design selections. However, if you need help with what you want in your home, you can ask for help. 

Seeking a Second Opinion

If you need ideas on what to do in your home, seek a second opinion. The best thing you can do is work with an interior designer who can help you decipher what you're drawn to - and what would work in your home within your budget. 

If you'd like yet another opinion, my advice is to seek out a friend or relative who shares your style. And that latter part - "shares your style" is particularly important! Otherwise, you could be swayed toward a style or selection that doesn't reflect your taste and won't ultimately be happy with it. But before you select someone to help, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you like how their home is decorated? 

  • Are their tastes similar to yours? 

  • You might even ask yourself if their spending habits are similar to yours. (You want someone who can help you stay within your budget, not theirs.)

Do Not Compromise

Based on my experience, clients who compromise on their own design choices often regret it later, which can lead to costly consequences. Selecting what a friend persuaded you to choose can mean revisiting vendors to reselect items or replacing design elements already installed. The latter option can be an expensive fix.

If you do seek an opinion other than that of your interior designer, be careful not to allow others' opinions to sway you if you are passionate about a particular style or aesthetic. 

If you embrace what you love, your space will feel authentically yours. You will feel comfortable in that space because it reflects who you are. 


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