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Five Easy Ways to Create a Cozy Fall Style:

September is here, and summer is winding down. I know these are strange and challenging times for everyone. Most of us have a lot on our minds these days. (I have two young children learning remotely, while my husband and I work from home.) However, focusing on something we love, like interior design or decorating, can be a form of escape. Also, I know a few of us are ready to move into fall, so I wanted to talk about fall styling. Personally, I look forward each year to fall for the Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews, but that's another story for another day. Let's focus on some easy tips for styling your home this fall.

Summer is typically about lighter colors and simpler decorating. Fall is pretty much the opposite. It's about creating a cozy ambiance, adding texture, warm lighting for longer, darker evenings, and creating comfort in your home as you snuggle into cooler weather.

1. Fall is a transition season. You might be able to keep out some of your summer stuff. Put away anything that screams summer or "beachy" and add in warmer tones and textures. Oranges, browns, and rusts are favorite colors for autumn.

2. Consider how your favorite chunky sweater makes you feel in cold weather. That's what you're striving for with fall decorating. Add a thick blanket on the sofa, add some throw pillows in darker earth tones, and bring out candles for the long evenings.

3. Add greenery or nature inside before trees lose their leaves. A lovely tray or wide-mouthed bowl filled with fall-colored leaves, twigs, and berries collected from the yard can be simple and beautiful. Twig wreaths and garland propped on a mantle or hanging on your front door looks good. Cut some fall foliage, including branches, and plop into a vase with water. (Change the water at a minimum of every two days.)

4. I love candles, especially as evenings get longer and days shorter. Cluster them for a more significant impact on a pretty tray or plate. If you like scents, try a pumpkin spice candle (sort of like a latte but not edible) or another fall fragrance.

5. In the living room, study, bedrooms, and family room, lamps can create an elegant and cozy feel with the warm ambient light. Use lamps placed around the room instead of ceiling lights. Remember to use "warm" lightbulbs rather than "bright" or "white" lightbulbs.

I hope you enjoy the fall season and stay healthy!


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