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How to choose a paint color

Color selection is rarely easy to do - whether you are a homeowner or a designer. As an interior designer working across the Triangle, I understand the challenges of color selection. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier to achieve desirable results. 

Color preference is personal. I might like pink, but you might hate it. And, while it's natural to migrate to colors we love, those color might not work well in a specific space. When it comes to color selection, I find that many clients struggle with color for their dining room.  

Below are some tips for when choosing your dining room color. (Most of these ideas apply to any color selection for the home.)  If you need more personalized color advice, please contact me. Often with a little guidance from a professional, you'll find it much simpler to select the perfect color for your space.

Color tips:

  • Darker colors will usually feel warmer while lighter colors can feel refreshing. Consider how you use the space, what time of day you use, and how often. 

  • Colors can influence mood. Soft greens and blues tend to be soothing. Yellow and orange, frequently used in nurseries and schools, is a happy color. Red is a bold color choice and is said to induce hunger which is why restaurants often use it. 

  • If you want to use a dark color somewhere in your home, the dining room, powder room, or a study can be the perfect place.  I also find that master bedrooms also look great with darker colors because they warm up the room making it cozier, especially at night.

  • Light, neutral colors are the way to go if you're painting to put your home on the real estate market. It provides the least distraction to potential buyers as they walk through your house.

Selection Tips:

  • There are many places to look to for inspiration when it comes to color ideas, and I always advise clients not to rush their color selections. Look at public spaces and friends' homes for color inspiration. Do you have a blouse or rug with a color you love? Thanks to technology, it's easy to match any color if you can bring in a sample with the color. (Cher once said in an interview that she ripped off the hem of her turquoise skirt and handed it to the folks at Mercedes Benz who were custom designing a car for her. The skirt happened to be the exact shade she wanted for the exterior. )

  • Look out the window and consider the views when selecting a color. 

  • How does the dining room relate to nearby rooms? Does it open directly to another room? What colors are in that room?

  • Do you find yourself drawn to specific colors or color palette? Light or dark? Muted or bold?

If you’d like to discuss your color selection with an experienced Triangle-area interior designer, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to work with you.  


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