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Six Design Tips for a Child's Bedroom

As you usher your children out the door to start a new school year, you might want to turn your attention to their bedroom. No, not to clean it (well, maybe), but to redesign it. Back-to-school days are an excellent time to refresh or redo your child's bedroom. They're away from their little kingdom during the day, so you can get to work. It can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. An interior designer can help you plan, source, order, and install.

Why it might be time to redo your child's bedroom

  • It's time for a big kid's bed.

  • Middle and high schoolers usually need larger desks and study spaces.

  • Your child has outgrown their once-beloved cartoon bed linens.

  • Kids accumulate a lot of stuff! Your child might need better storage space - to preserve your sanity.

  • And, a fairly common reason: that wall color they once adored has fallen way out of favor! Time for new colors.

A Word of Advice

Most kids will be very excited about having their room restyled, especially if you let them make a few selections. I encourage clients not to offer their children too many options, especially with younger kids — present age-appropriate choices. Also, don't give possibilities you can't live with, like a fire-engine red wall color.

Six Redesign Tips

Here is my list of things you might want to do in your child's room this fall from floor to ceiling:

  1. Colors: Colors are a significant part of interior styling. Select them carefully. You will need several hues of two-three colors that coordinate well to create a good color palette. That palette drives most selections, including paint colors, accessories, linens, and window treatments.

  2. Flooring: What's on the floor? Consider children's bedroom flooring carefully with the future in mind. What's ideal in a nursery isn't always good in a teenager's room.

  3. Walls: Repainting walls is a relatively inexpensive option that can completely transform a room. Consider adding some unique painting or color effects, as long as they pull colors from your palette.

  4. Wallpaper: Wallpaper and wallpaper murals are experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Be selective about what type of wallpaper you use and where it's applied. It's best to work with an experienced professional when selecting it.

  5. Fabrics: Fabrics can transform a room. For safety reasons, selecting age-appropriate window treatments for a child's bedroom is paramount. Items like drapery panels, rods, and cords can pose a danger to young children.

  6. Furniture: Is it time to buy new furniture for your child's bedroom? If they've outgrown or outworn their furniture, you might want to invest in new quality furnishings. High-quality furniture lasts longer. High-quality furniture can become heirloom pieces your child can use one day in their adult home and, perhaps, pass down to their children.

You can create a beautifully designed children's bedroom that your child will remember fondly well into adulthood. An interior designer can create a professionally beautiful design that your child will love and enjoy for years to come!


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