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Working with a Professional Interior Designer: what you should know.

I became an interior designer because I love interior design, and I enjoy helping others. Running my own interior design studio allows me to combine both into my dream job. In today's blog post, I thought it might help discuss why someone might want to work with an interior designer. It's a question I hear every so often. Let's start with my blog posts.

You may have noticed that many of my blog posts offer tips on interior design. You might be wondering why I offer (free) advice via my blog. I do it because it might be helpful to those reading the posts. I think it's important for people to understand the design process and what it involves. Beautiful design doesn't just magically happen on its own. There is always a process to obtaining that polished look you see in design magazines. By reading my posts, people can decide if they're up for tackling their design project themselves or if they'd prefer to hire a professional.

Consider the Design Process First:

Whether you are designing from scratch for new construction, a remodel, or completely redecorating - whether it's one room or an entire house - the design process is relatively the same. The steps can be critical to the outcome:

  1. Create a design plan (or plans) that might also include:

    1. electrical plan

    2. lighting plan

    3. furniture plan

    4. color selections

    5. appliance selections

  2. Identify new items to purchase.

  3. Identify where to order items while remaining within the budget.

  4. Oversee delivery and installation of items.

  5. Manage any unexpected issues that might arise.

As you can see, interior design has many moving parts. Often, even small projects can become complicated or require multiple actions. Interior designers are specifically trained to handle design projects - either alongside a client, helping them make selections, or on behalf of a client, making all the selections for them.

Am I saying you can't produce your own fabulous room? No, not at all. Just keep in mind that it's a combination of wanting to and knowing how to, coupled with successful execution. In many cases, you're better off working with an interior designer.

Here are some other reasons you might want to hire a professional designer:

  1. You're not comfortable with interior design. Many people aren't comfortable (or like) designing or decorating their homes, but they do want to live in beautiful spaces. They are good candidates for working with a professional designer.

  2. You're very busy. Suppose you're a very busy person with little spare time during weekday working hours (when you'd likely have to order items and oversee installation). You might want to hire a professional. Your interior designer can devote their attention and time to your project. They know what vendors to use (and which ones to avoid). Basically, they know how to see the project through to completion.

  3. You're not sure what you want. Sometimes, clients don't quite know what they want or even what they like. Other times, they think they know but aren't sure how to achieve the look they want. A designer can help you figure out these issues and help you achieve the look you want, whether by repurposing some of your things or buying new ones.

  4. They have the expertise. I wouldn't want to fly a commercial plane or be a Wall Street stock trader. I know what I know and what I don't. The same thing goes for the general public when it comes to interior design. Unless they're an expert with schooling and training in the design field, they might want to take a step back.

I'm always happy to answer your design questions or evaluate and discuss a project for you. Feel free to reach out to me through direct message here or my website contact form. As I said at the beginning, this is my dream job! I genuinely enjoy working with clients.


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