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Your Pre-Summer Checklist!

Summer is a great time in North Carolina to tackle a few important home maintenance tasks. Investing a bit of elbow grease and time now can save you money later!

Tip: I suggest you mark your calendar to remind you of these tasks every April or May.

Exteriors & Siding:

  • Inspect your home's exterior.

  • Look for flaking paint, cracks, or gaps in the siding, foundation, or window frames.

  • Check for wood rot anywhere there's wood, like the siding, windows, and doors. Advanced wood rot can cost thousands of dollars to repair, so it's best to catch it early.

Spring Garden Cleanup: Spring is a great time to clean up winter landscape debris.

  • Rake any winter debris, particularly around your home's foundation, shrubs, and perennials.

  • Lay down fresh mulch where needed.

  • Check for leaks in the irrigation system, and check sprinkler heads.

  • If you didn't clean your gutters in fall or winter, you should do that now.

  • Lastly, spring is an excellent time to begin fertilizing your flower beds!

HVAC Maintenance: Have a professional do regular maintenance on your HVAC system. It will help it run efficiently. Ideally, a reputable professional should service your system every fall and spring. Many HVAC companies offer service maintenance plans. Don't forget to change any filters or have it done when your unit is serviced.

Insects: Insects can cause a lot of damage.

  • Check your home's exteriors for any signs of insects burrowing, including visible gaps on the exterior surfaces.

  • Inspect windows and door frames, wood decks, and other structures to keep out carpenter bees and termites.

  • To prevent insect damage (which can get pricey), seal all cracks or gaps.

  • Drain any standing water around your home and yard to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

Rarely Used Spaces:

  • Check rarely used spaces like the attic, crawl spaces, and storage sheds.

  • Look for signs of moisture, insect damage, or animal activity (squirrels and birds love to get inside to breed).

  • Check the integrity of any insulation and even electrical wires and ducts.

I hope you found this list helpful! Regular maintenance can keep your home in great shape and help you stay ahead of any significant problems.


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