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Curating a Timeless Look Using Accessories.

Modern & Timeless Combined Perfectly

Two weeks ago, I wrote about winter styling. As we head into March, I'm looking forward to spring. Long winter days are behind us as we welcome the longer, brighter days! It's also the time of year that makes me think of using accessories to freshen up a room. However, accessorizing needs to be done carefully and correctly. Ideally, a curated blend of both trendy and timeless pieces can elevate the look of a room into something beautiful. Both styles serve different roles.

Trendy pieces help a space look contemporary and in style. Timeless almost do the opposite. They anchor a room with a classic design. I believe every room needs a few timeless pieces to achieve a professional, beautiful look.

Here is how I define timeless for accessories:


Humans have long invested in their interior spaces. The ancient Greeks and Romans valued bold beauty and art, creating a powerful design legacy we employ to this day - from columns to architectural features and design details. The classics are represented through strong geometrical shapes, stripes, and lines. In a room, you can soften these bold features with softer traits such as soft colors and rich textures.


Timeless pieces transcend time because they also serve a purpose - form and function. The ancient world loved shapes. Graceful archways are a common architectural feature. However, those archways weren't strictly for beauty. They also served an engineering purpose: they held up ceilings, roofs, or roadways above. To transcend time, select accessories that are both beautiful and functional.


Timeless never feels over-done, smothering, or cluttered. Grouping items isn't cluttering if it's well-curated and deliberate. Clean lines, rather than fussy, is timeless. If it's timeless and intricate, it somehow doesn't feel over-done. Instead, it gives the room a sense of intentional design rather than a thrown-together look. Be intentional when selecting and placing accessories.


Timeless rooms have two color things in common: colors coordinate, and they're neutral in color. I realize that a neutral palette might be a challenging idea for those who love color in their homes. So here's my advice:

  • Select no more than three main colors for a room.

  • Pick one of those three to be the foundation color.

  • Build your other colors around that foundation color.

  • Colors such as ivory, beige/greige, white, and even black or gray tend to transcend style and trends, making them timeless choices and great foundation colors.

  • Select your accessories based on your three colors. (Yes, you can introduce other colors, but I recommend you do it in moderation. Too many colors in a room will make it look cluttered or "too busy".)

Accessories are an excellent way to personalize a room and pull the entire design together for a cohesive, professional look that is beautiful. Combine both more contemporary pieces that are on-trend with a few timeless once for a polished look for your home. It's not easy to accomplish, which is why I work with many clients on interior decorating as well as design. Call me if you would like some help. I'm happy to help.


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