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Fall into Comfort: 7 Ideas for a Cozy Home

I love autumn! The air is turning crisper, leaves burst with color almost overnight, and family life is beginning to look more inward - away from the dropping outdoor temperatures. It's time to get cozy at home! Creating a cozy home this fall is easy with a few elements - and, no, a pumpkin latte doesn't count.

  1. Colors: Summer's oppressive heat is behind us. Create cozy spaces with warmer earth tones that would make Mother Nature proud. Think beige, brown, rich greens, rust, orange, gold/brass, copper, and warm yellows. Add color using decorative objects. Use a tray (brass or rattan to display several items.

  2. Branches: I enjoy cutting branches from trees and bringing them into the house. Larger branches can go on the kitchen counter, dining table, or mantel. Smaller branches are ideal on coffee or side table. TIPS: Use interestingly shaped cuttings. Multi-branched ones are better for a fuller, more organic look. Stabilize them with chicken wire in a container or make a grid on the vessel's opening with waterproof tape to hold up the branches. Refresh the water every two days or so.

  3. Chrysanthemums: Mum's the word in the fall! Stores are brimming with potted chrysanthemums in various shapes and sizes. Place one in an attractive, waterproof receptacle, like a hand-thrown ceramic bowl or pot, and display it on a table.

  4. Decorative items: I remember bowls of nuts on our family's coffee table throughout my childhood. I think it's also a great idea for fall. So are artificial pumpkins. I have a copper bowl I like to pull out in the fall and display on my table. TIP: Be mindful of using varying heights and shapes when grouping objects, and always group in odd numbers. Cluster items in varying sizes and shapes (round, square, tall, short, etc.) to create visual interest.

  5. Books: I admit I have a coffee table book problem. What can I say? They're not just beautiful, they also add interest! If you, like me, like to collect beautiful table books, swap some out for fall, either by topic or (dare I say?) by color.

  6. Candles: What is the fall season without candles? I love scented candles on a crisp fall evening. Here's one of my favorites. Use tea candles (wax or battery) in pretty glass containers throughout your home to illuminate your home.

  7. Throw pillows: This is an excellent way to add pops of autumnal colors, and it can be relatively inexpensive if you want. While you can invest in high-quality pillows, finding less expensive ones that will work just fine is possible.

Lastly, remember to add a fluffy throw (or two)! What's a cozy fall evening without a throw? If you'd like design assistance, contact me. I'd be happy to discuss your project.

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