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Four Things You Need to Know about Using Custom Drapery!

As a professional interior designer, I always encourage my clients to invest in custom drapery panels. The fabric quality alone is worth it, but custom-measured and well-designed panels add richness and elegance to a room. Here are some of my favorite tips for adding drapery to your home.

Match the Space

Drapery panels should coordinate with other soft furnishings and colors in the room. The window treatments also should be appropriate for how a space is used. For example, a formal room will need drapery panels suitable for that formality. You can also use drapery to create or reinforce a design element - heavy fabrics can add warmth to a large room, making it cozier. An interior designer can work with a client to coordinate various factors, including budget and style.

Fabric Drama

There are several ways to add drama to a room, but one of my favorites is to use beautiful drapery cut from high-end fabrics. They are one of several elements in a room that help pull everything together for a professionally designed appearance. Off-the-rack curtains don't compare to high-quality fabric that is silk, cotton, linen, or even an excellent polyester mimicking silk. Rather than use inexpensive material of poor quality, I suggest waiting until you can invest in better quality.

Add Details

Get creative with drapery panels by adding trim or tassels! When adding one of these features, I like to pull a color from somewhere else in the room. These are little details that pack a big punch.

Hang High and Wide

One mistake I see far too often is curtains that are hung just above the window frame. Instead, you should hang drapery panels as high as possible, close to the ceiling, to add visual height to the room. I sometimes like to keep the drapery length long enough in formal spaces to pool the fabric on the floor. Generous amounts of material create a sense of luxury. Lastly, use drapery rods wider than the windows, so the panels do not block light when open.

Hopefully, you've found these tips helpful! Quality drapery elevates a room's look, giving it that finished professional touch. They may not be the least expensive element in a room, but they can be well worth the investment.


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