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The Advantages of Buying Furniture through an Interior Designer

I'm often asked if there are any advantages to buying furniture through me as an interior designer. My answer is adamant: Yes - there are advantages to purchasing furniture through me. Let's look at the most significant benefits.

  • Custom & High-quality: Much of the furniture I sell is customized for my clients. You can select from various high-end designer fabrics and elements like leg or arm styles. I only work with reputable, high-quality furniture and rug manufacturers.

  • Measurements: I will come to your home or office and measure your space, consider other pieces in the room, and coordinate the new furniture accordingly. My design expertise is to your advantage. It ensures that your furniture fits flawlessly in the room and matches well with the existing decor.

  • Many Options: I can access many furniture options, including various styles, sizes, and colors unavailable to the general public. The range of options is more than what is typically found in big-box retail stores. This is because many industry vendors only sell to the trade, meaning they only sell through interior designers like me. That exclusivity makes it far less likely to see your sofa in someone else's room.

  • Delivery: I can handle all aspects of a client's order, including tracking, shipping, delivery, and installation. If a piece is delayed, I will track it and stay on it until it's delivered and installed.

By working with an interior designer like me, you gain access to a broader range of options that aren't available to the general public; plus, I will oversee the order from start to finish, including the delivery and installation process. I will always be tenacious on behalf of my client's interests.

Please contact me if you want to order furniture or have any questions. I'd be happy to have an initial conversation to discuss your needs, my process, and how I can assist you.


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