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What you need to know before you buy new furniture

I had a conversation recently with a client about buying new furniture for their home. It occurred to me that what I was conveying to them was important enough to write up as a blog post.

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days, so it's not surprising that you might be looking at your furniture with - let's say - a far more critical eye. If that's the case, this post will be of particular interest to you. Read on!

Is it time to buy new furniture?

There are several good reasons to buy new furniture:

  • The furniture pieces are starting to look worn, out-of-style, or are damaged.

  • You're tired of your furniture and are ready for something new.

  • You've changed how you use the furniture.

  • You are prepared to invest in higher quality furniture.

  • All of the above!

These are all typical reasons clients reach out to me for help changing out certain furniture pieces. But before you buy anything, consider the following tips, so you don't waste money or time.

We outgrow our furniture.

This point is crucial, and it's why my client is considering new furniture. As we live and grow through life's phases, our lifestyle changes. We can outgrow our furniture.

Our furniture needs change as our life changes. For example, once you have children, I can promise you that you will use your home and its furnishings very differently. That pristine white furniture from your child-free days suddenly looks like a blank slate for crayon and finger paints. Teenagers usually prefer to hang out with friends in a separate family room - and that's fine with their parents! You'll want to furnish that space differently than the more formal living room. Once children are grown and gone, you're probably using your home's spaces and furniture differently.

Bottom line: How do you use your furniture or rooms now, and how would you use them with different furniture? The answers should guide your furniture buying.

Out with the old!

If your furniture is 10-20 years old, it's likely showing its age. It's either damaged, looking worn, or outdated. Sometimes, it's just that clients are tired of their furniture. Other times, clients are older and can afford to invest in high-quality pieces.

Bottom line: Consider purchasing new furniture that creates an updated look and better suits your current needs.

Create a custom design:

An interior designer can help pull together a custom plan and design. We can look at the overall space, offer ideas if a different layout is needed, and make suggestions on furniture pieces.


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