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Why It's Worth Hiring an Interior Designer

A well-designed interior space doesn't just happen. A lot of planning and work goes into it - thanks to an interior designer's professional skills and experience. Their expertise can develop and coordinate all the design elements involved, help save the client time and money, and transform a space. And that's only part of what they do!

If you're wondering whether there's value in working with an interior designer, here are five reasons to consider:

1) Necessary Skill & Training

An interior design project will have many moving parts - whether it's new construction, a remodel, or a room refresh. An experienced interior designer knows how to efficiently juggle these moving parts. These can include a color scheme, fabric, furniture, lighting, accessories, and everything that transforms or creates a beautiful home. The designer can develop a project budget to suit the client, source products, create an interior design plan, furniture plan, and electrical plan. They also know how to collaborate with other industry professionals. Lastly, they can problem-solve and multi-task!

2) Staying on Track

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the many decisions necessary, especially if it's a large project like new construction or an extensive remodel. (Even redoing a single room can get complicated.) A good interior designer helps keep clients on track and guides them through the many decisions, including product selections. Their industry expertise allows the client remain focused while staying on schedule and within budget.

3) Advocate & Liaison

An interior designer can be your eyes, ears, and spokesperson throughout a project. This is especially critical if the project involves working with contractors and other professionals. A designer knows how to collaborate effectively. They will serve as your advocate.

4) Cost Savings

Yes, an interior designer will charge a fee for their services. But it can be worth it because they can find the most cost-effective ways of achieving your objectives. Thanks to their industry knowledge and connections, they can help you access prices and products you cannot obtain on your own. If you're on a budget, they know how to best leverage things to get you the most bang for your buck. That can save you time and money.

5) Resources

Interior designers have a network of industry professionals to tap into for your project. They know industry professionals such as painters, woodworkers, and builders. They also know where to look for quality furniture, soft furnishings, and products. They have access to products and places that you don't. Their unique access to industry professionals and furniture can help transform a space.

Finished Product

If I had to pick just one reason you should work with a reputable interior designer, it's the quality of the finished product. A professional designer has the expertise needed to help bring your dream to fruition. They can help you create a beautiful, comfortable space that meets your needs. Whew! If that sounds like a lot, it is. That's why there's great value in working with a professional interior designer. If you'd like to discuss a project in your home, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about my design process and how I can help.


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