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Custom Building a House: Four Advantages You Need to Know

Custom construction Raleigh
Custom house in Raleigh, NC by Rufty Homes; Photo by Sara Coffin

When choosing between building or buying a home, my clients often face a dilemma. Is it worth going through the complex process of building a home? Isn't it easier to buy a house that's already built?

With over 20 years of interior design experience, I've worked on numerous luxury custom-builds in the Triangle area, working with some of the most reputable builders in the industry. I want to share four advantages of building a home and the importance of selecting a reputable builder and an interior designer.

1) Custom Equals Personalized

Building a house is an excellent way to create a highly personalized living space - ideally while staying within budget. For those who opt for luxury custom builds, an architect can tailor a floor plan to suit your family's needs, wants, and style. Custom designs can be as unique as a primary closet accommodating an extensive shoe collection to a chef's kitchen with broad appeal. Custom designs also affect small details with a significant impact, like where to place elements like light switches, mirrors, and lighting.

A custom build also means selecting your home's interior and exterior finishes. You can choose colors, trim molding, cabinets, design styles, lighting and electrical placement, etc. A custom-built home is a personalized home.

2) Updated Technology

Technology advances so quickly that even a few years can make a big difference in consumer products and your home. A newly built house allows you to incorporate the latest technology, whether integrated electronics, lighting, or appliances. Even construction materials benefit from updates that improve eco-friendliness and efficiency. And alternative energy sources, like geothermal or solar power, are increasingly more common and affordable.

3) Maintenance

A significant advantage of a brand-new home built by a reputable builder is that you can expect low maintenance (not zero maintenance, however) in the first few years. Everything about your home is brand new, unlike when you buy a "used" home. Also, new appliances and other items typically come with a warranty if something goes wrong. Builders and contractors also provide some warranty for their work. Be sure to check your contract before you hire a builder.

4) Instant Equity

Custom-built houses can offer instant home equity once they're completed. While this depends on real estate market conditions and your home's features, many custom homes are worth more than the cost of building them due to local market demands. Remember that timeless design has a broader appeal, and luxury selections can add value to your home.

Hiring the Right Builder and Designer

Selecting a reputable builder you have thoroughly vetted is one of the most critical decisions when building a house. There is no advantage to building a home if you pick the wrong builder. An excellent builder can mean the difference between a successful outcome and disappointment.

As an interior designer, I have witnessed the crucial role played by an experienced custom builder. They can provide appropriate advice, establish a reasonable and transparent timeline, provide practical financial details, and ensure a smooth process throughout the building project.

My last bit of advice is about hiring an interior designer. Working with an interior designer experienced in custom luxury builds can simplify the construction process for you, act as a liaison with your builder, assist with design selections and deadlines, and help you stay on budget.


Building a home can be a gratifying experience with many advantages. Your home is likely one of your most significant life investments. A custom-built home can ensure you enjoy it for decades and maximize its potential.

If you have any questions about an upcoming project, please reach out. I'd be happy to speak with you.


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