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Is it time to redecorate your home office?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Your home office might be for your eyes only, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be attractive and comfortable. You can wear your pajamas in your home office, but working in an inviting, comfortable, and practical environment is necessary to be productive. After all, someone's environment can influence their mood!

Ask yourself these questions:

Are these a yes?

  • Does the room look outdated? Does it seem trapped in a vintage time warp and not accommodating today's technology needs?

  • Is your office furniture worn-looking, uncomfortable, or unattractive?

  • Do you have clutter, like unshelved books, piles of paperwork, and loose files, scattered around the room?

Are these a no?

  • Ergonomic desk chairs have made significant advances in recent years. Is your chair comfortable and a recent model?

  • Do you have high-quality and adjustable task lighting on your desk?

If you had any "yes" answers in the first section and any "no" answers in the second section, it's time to redecorate your home office. I recommend working with an experienced interior designer. Working with a designer can simplify the process for you, allowing you to use your work hours for your regular work. At the same time, they can do what they're good at, interior designing!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about redecorating your home office.


Clients are often surprised when they see a room or home repainted in a new color. Paint can be a powerful tool when it comes to updating a space! I'm happy to evaluate your space and provide some guidance on color selection.

Use Color Psychology

Using color psychology can make a difference. Some colors are better at creating a calm environment, while others can be energizing. For example, soft or muted blues can be soothing. Red or orange can be energizing, while green can promote creativity. Neutral colors can create an elegant space that feels uncluttered. I always consider how a room is used when selecting a color.

Room Details

Consider the details in the room. Don't have any? Not a problem. That's what a designer is for! We know how and where to add or highlight details in a space. Architectural elements add immediate elegance and can upgrade the look of a room. (They can also create additional storage space. See the next point.) For example, we could add trim or crown molding to add architectural interest. But there are other ways to add details to a room! Add attractive art, cabinetry or shelves, accent walls, or window treatments.

New Furniture

Many people hang onto their old furniture for convenience, even long after they find it uncomfortable, worn-out, or unattractive. A good designer can help you select new custom furniture suited to the room size and your particular work needs. For example, a beautiful wall of shelves with cabinet doors that hide files can transform a room and provide valuable storage.

Contact Me

If you're tired of your home office, contact me. I would be happy to help you reimagine the space in ways that will work better for you while being updated and attractive.


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